Important for our business

Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key driver for the way in which we do business. Our CSR Policy helps us to apply our vision, principles and values to our daily operations and activities. It also guides our efforts to improve the impacts that we have on the wider community and the environment.

Enhancing our commitment to follow the best business practices and supports our long-term sustainability. Our CSR Policy helps us to identify actions that we can take to serve the interests of wider society that also make us a better, more competitive business.

Our approach

  • People : Ensuring that we have a diverse workforce where our people have a safe, ethical and fair place to work and reach their full potential.

  • Communities : Working closely with communities in which we operate to maximize our positive impact and ensure sustainable business development.

  • Environment : Improving our environmental performance and resource efficiency..

  • Marketplace : Working with customers, suppliers, regulators and other interested parties so that we can all operate in a more sustainable and responsible way.

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