Don't sleep with a drip, call a Plumber and the plumber you should be calling is of Laishan.

We Provide a friendly and totally dependable services, specializing in

  • Inspection for the water level / leaks at the overhead tank & sumps

  • Operation of all valves shall be checked to avoid rusting and jams.

  • Checking of overhead and sump tank periodically.

  • Ensure that rainwater is suitably discharged into the storm water drain outside the building..

  • All G. I. pipelines shall be checked for rusting and necessary remedial action shall be taken.

  • Water management like continuous checking of water pressure,meter reading operational costs, inflow/Outflow centre.

Laishan has had many years experience in all types of carpentry due to laishan success and expansion. we now have a team of qualified tradesman on hand providing you with a full range of carpentry services viz,.

  • Build Units

  • Furniture

  • Benches

  • Decks

  • Lamination of Furniture

  • Office Tables

  • Chairs

  • Cabin Etc

  • Interior Wood Work

  • Periodic/Routine Preventive Maintenance

  • Layout Design

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