There are three general reasons why home owners and businesses choose to purchase generator sets:

  • No Mains electricity is available

  • There is insufficient power from the mains supply to meet requirements

  • To protect against the possibility of periodic or sustained loss of mains power, Which can cause economic loss, loss of power, loss of lighting, loss of life support equipment, Loss of production, loss of data storage and loss of products, livestock or even human life.

Our Services in Diesel Generator set maintenance include :
  • General Inspection, Preventive maintenance and Lubrication service.

  • Cooling system service and Fuel system service.

  • Servicing and testing starting batteries

  • Regular engine exercise and Using the diesel generator set for continuous duty (Prime Power)

  • Care during Extreme ambient temperatures

  • Service air cleaner, check for restrictions and contaminates

  • Check coolant concentration and level-adjust to 50/50 mix

  • Inspect cooling system hoses for cracks and distortions, tighten clamps

  • Inspect radiator for restrictions and corrosion, check block heater

  • Check for coolant, fuel and oil leaks, tighten connections as necessary

  • Check bolts and pulleys for cracks and wear, adjust as necessary

  • Check turbo charger for proper clearance and freedom of movement

  • Inspect ignition system (Pts, rotor, plugs etc. for gaseous engines).

  • Check air intakes and Outlets for Contaminants, air?ow and restrictions.

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