Laishan provides integrated facility management solutions to corporate ans other organizations such as hospitals and schools across india.We provide the entire range of facility management services including Security,House Keeping,Landscaping,Parking Management, Mineral Water Supply, Daily Consumables, Janitorial services, electro-mechanical services,pest control as well as hospitality services.

Our IFM business has received global process quality certifications(ISO 9001:2015 and OHASAa 18000 ) and also a member of FKCCI,the international Facility Management Association.

Laishan integrated facility Services offer the flexibility, necessary to meet the unique requirements of every customer and every need. This comprehensive approach to facility services provides the resources required for overall operations activity, spread out predictive preventive maintenance planning, workflow management and even conditional emergency requirements of our clients.

Laishan integrated facility Services enable you to choose from highly specialized operations & preventive maintenance to facility maintenance services like basic cleaning and custodial services.

Our Integrated facilities services approach lets you leverage a variety of services, including the operational excellence of our electro-mechanical operations & maintenance, our technical experts for preventive and predictive maintenance, along with the technological advantages of out QM system implementaions.


No matter what level of facility management service you require, Laishan can provide all of your required facility services with experience and expertise, eliminating comples supply chains which duplicate management levels and costs. As an integrated facility management provider, Laishan Offers a stremlized management structure whuich delivers increased efficiency and value for money.
A pool of motivated, multi-skilled, multi-tasking people looking after integrated facilites services across all your sites resulting in great service, and seamless experience.
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