Our trainig and development program focuses on teaching you the skills and processes that have helped many of our employees grow into various management roles throughout the company.

With PAN indian training capability and well experienced and motivated training staff, we can train people in different states as per requirements of Corporate, Hotel, Financial Institutions and Manufacturing Units.

Our high standard syllabus and industry based training material equips the trainees to meet the corporate chalenge.

Our training includes general security, housekeeping, facade cleaning, Electrical and front desk management.

Why Training Matters?
  • Refletcs an image of well run,successful organizations.

  • Improves productivity,quality and boosts morale.

  • Improves confidence of staff.

  • Eliminates accident and fire hazards.

  • Assets in improving client satisfaction.

  • Maintain safe, Healthy work conditions.

  • Saves time,money,materials,space and effort.

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