Different businesses have different needs- and this principle naturally also applies to facility management(FM). Some businesses want to outsource the entire range of faculty services, whilst others have a smaller outsourcing need.

Through the coordination of multiple work strooms , service management processes and integrated delivery systems, Laishan adds value to the customers organizations, allowing increased focus on core competences by the unleashing the potential outsourcing.

At Laishan we deliver a wide range of self-performed services that can be combined in numerous ways according to the customer's requirements. Creating a flexible, transparent and tailor-made FM solutions in close dialogue with the customer is critical for scaling to meet the changing needs of the organizations.

In collaborations with the customers we work closely to understand precisely what is needed and provide professional, transparent and tailored service solutions. Encompassing a range of service solutions enables the customer to scale their services to meet their ever changing needs.

More than 21 years of experience in all types of facilities has made us uniquely qualified to begin solving your problems now and to continue to develop solutions as your business evolves.

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